Digit@l Mixtapes

broken tapes & broken hearts ~ is there a life before death?





Metal I & II mixt@pe:

Folks, it was hightime to break the silence for a while! Enjoy some faster classic Metal stuff - don't bang your head off completely, wait for a while, there's more to come...


Rock III ten epics mixt@pe: The start of somthing beautiful...10/Ten...Arriving somewhere but not here - and yeah 'Ten' is indeed like an apparition!

Rock II mixt@pe: The cold wind of 49 RockBallads will blow you away...but at the end 'Santa Ana Winds' will have mercy (esch de Föhn vo Kaliforniä:)


80sRock IV (epics) mixt@pe: 'Das esch öppe no Musig, gäu!' The best 80s compilation so far - love it or die before death...


Pop II dark mixt@pe: another milestone in cheering up your mind to keep you away from depressions! These 50 ballads are slow, dark and gloomy but not necessary trendy


Klassik I mixt@pe: 50 classical ballads from barock to romantic - spoken in musical epochs - you will recognice many famous melodies from great composers such as Mozart, Schubert, Beethoven, Bach, Brahms and many more


BluesRock III epics mixt@pe: 33 epic bluesrock songs: 'Big Time' for those who are 'Married To The Blues'


Reggae I mixt@pe: I love the balladic rhythm of reggae music, it turns almost every song into a ballad - so shut down babylon for a few hours and dream of a better world...


Metal V doomed & Metal VI doomed epics: these mixt@pes are strong antidepressants and will give some insight into the delusion of death and the lie of life


Folk I mixt@pe is ready to enjoy:

The best 50 flowerpower ballads