Digit@l Mixtapes

broken tapes & broken hearts ~ is there a life before death?



Metal VII & Metal VIII epics: these mixt@pes are the strongest antidepressants you can get on this plane or plant (?) - however on one end awaits you heaven and on the other hell...check it out and choose sides!

Pop III mixt@pe:

Smooth melodies over half a decade in time&space including some pop-rock ballads

Folk II mixt@pe is ready now - it's a mixture of different styles: flowerpower, natives, acoustics and other ballads rather hard to assign




BluesRock I mixt@pe:

50 bluesrockers from the very roots of guitar blues like Muddy Waters to contemporary performers like Gary Clark Jr.

Rock I classics mixt@pe:

50 classic rock hymns from the early age of rock music - the late 60s and the 70s

 80sRock I & II mixt@pe:

The decade of hard'n'heavy stands for a great time with great music - that mixtape presents you some of the best rock-anthems!

80sRock II is a ZZ-Top Special: this band has shaped the 80s like hardly any other band - they kind of invented the bluesrock anew and came up with a unique blend that can be called 'synthiebluesrockpop' - I remember freaking out regurarly while listening to their songs...they had some brilliant ones you couldn't resist jigging around with air guitar! And they brought out the best music video of the decade - remember that pimped-out chrome flashing red oldtimer with yellow Z at the sides? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ae829mFAGGE

(yeah he was really FAGGED afterwards :))


 Metal I & II mixt@pe:

Folks, it was hightime to break the silence for a while! Enjoy some faster classic Metal stuff - don't bang your head off completely, wait for a while, there's more to come...


80sRock V mixt@pe 'Survivor Special':

'A man against the world' has been listening to Survivor 'ever since the world began'... top ballads of one of the most famous 80s band

(love it or die before death...)

Rock III ten epics mixt@pe:

The start of somthing beautiful...10/Ten...Arriving somewhere but not here - and yeah 'Ten' is indeed like an apparition!

 Rock II mixt@pe:

The cold wind of 49 RockBallads will blow you away...but at the end 'Santa Ana Winds' will have mercy (esch de Föhn vo Kaliforniä:)

Klassik I mixt@pe:

50 classical ballads from barock to romantic - spoken in musical epochs - you will recognice many famous melodies from great composers such as Mozart, Schubert, Beethoven, Bach, Brahms and many more

 BluesRock III epics mixt@pe:

33 epic bluesrock songs: 'Big Time' for those who are 'Married To The Blues'

Reggae I mixt@pe:

I love the balladic rhythm of reggae music, it turns almost every song into a ballad - so shut down babylon for a few hours and dream of a better world...