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broken tapes & broken hearts ~ is there a life before death?



Latin Rock'n'Metal mixt@pes:

Hola & Ciao

Rock and metal may have their origins in the anglicised world, but they are by no means their property. There are many great bands in the German-speaking world who also sing German and I'm not just talking about Rammstein - listen to the songs #13 and #33 under Rock and Metal!

In the Latin world, there are fantastic bands too that sing mainly Spanish, from countries like Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina and many more. A huge enrichment for the rock world and an equally big discovery for myself.

Latin Pop-Rock mixt@pes:

Ciao, Hola & Olá

My favourite Latin songs especially in Italian - VIVA ITALIA!

Also Spanish and Portuguese songs (and one partly French).

Rock VI (Whitesnake special) mixt@pe:

 Whitesnake is one of my all time favourite bands. Founded by David Coverdale (Deep Purple's last singer before their first split up), they started with a cool bluesy rock sound sometimes a bit harder too. Coverdale's excellent voice and his no less good song writing skills made the band steadily more successful. With his legendary 'sighs' he enchanted especially the female fan community and probably still does to date, although the age of the 'girls' might have changed a bit ;)

During the late 70s and early 80s the band gave us a number of outstanding ballad hymns such as 'Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City', 'Blindman', 'Here I Go Again', 'Crying In The Rain', 'Love Ain't No Stranger' or the nice and short farewell song 'We Wish You Well' - but there's one song I must mention especially, a half-ballad that's got everything that makes a rock-song great, it not only charmes the ears, but when I heard it for the first time it was a real comfort for my broken heart too...

'Don't Break My Heart Again' -
this song means Whitesnake!

However, from this first periode of the band (left side of the song list) there were a lot more great songs to mention, just two more: the brilliant 'Fool For Your Loving' and 'Walking In The Shadow Of The Blues' where Coverdale sings about coming of age and his love for the blues. After the 'Slide It In' album 1984, the band disappeard from the scene for three years and Coverdale reformed it completely: new line-up, new logo and a new stile of music that was more in the direction of commercial, radio compatibel rock (AOR) and above all had the u.s. market in its sights.

Now the right side of the song list: 1987 the album of the same name was released and it hit the mark! It became the band's most successful album. Besides the nice commercial ballad 'Is This Love' a second song was placed in the top ten charts, a remake of 'Here I Go Again', tailored to the u.s. market. In 1989 the follow up album 'Slip Of The Tongue' was released which included with 'Fool For Your Loving' another remake but to me it's far from the genius of the original.

Then it became again quiet, this time almost for a decade until 'Restless Heart' came out in 1997. Coverdale intended it as a solo album but this was refused by the record company. It's a great album that returns to the band's blues roots. One of the several outstanding songs is the fantastic bluesy ballad 'Too Many Tears'. The next step lasted over a decade: 2008 'Good To Be Bad' then 2011 'Forevermore' and 2019 'Flesh & Blood'.
Enjoy the journey through an extraordinary band's history!

Rock V mixt@pe:

I'm in love and it's painful..:'


Metal III mixt@pe:



80sRock VII mixt@pe:

Dedicated to my dear Colombian friend Steffy

(cool background image :)

Pop IV mixt@pe:

fifty easy digestible appetizers for the romantic cuddle evening...

BluesRock IV mixt@pe:

50 bluesrock songs: '...when the road gets rough I pick up my guitar and play...as long as I got Rock'n'Roll I'm forever young!' Cinderella - One for Rock'n'Roll (#15)

Rock IV mixt@pe:

There is a striking resemblence and that applies not only to the face but the voice too:

Hugo Valenti and Steve Perry or their bands 'Valentine' and 'Journey'. It's a rare combination indeed but that's still not all: Hugo has a similar talent for composing soulful yet energetic ballads as Steve does - enjoy two extraordinary voices...and of course the others are big time too - check it out!   

Metal VII & Metal VIII epics: these mixt@pes are the strongest antidepressants you can get on this plane - however on one end awaits you heaven and on the other hell...check it out and loose sides!

Folk II mixt@pe is ready now - it's a mixture of different styles: flowerpower, natives, acoustics and other ballads rather hard to assign




BluesRock I mixt@pe:

50 bluesrockers from the very roots of guitar blues like Muddy Waters to contemporary performers like Gary Clark Jr.

Rock I classics mixt@pe:

50 classic rock hymns from the early age of rock music - the late 60s and the 70s

 80sRock I & II mixt@pe:

The decade of hard'n'heavy stands for a great time with great music - that mixtape presents you some of the best rock-anthems!

80sRock II is a ZZ-Top Special: this band has shaped the 80s like hardly any other band - they kind of invented the bluesrock anew and came up with a unique blend that can be called 'synthiebluesrockpop' - I remember freaking out regurarly while listening to their songs...they had some brilliant ones you couldn't resist jigging around with air guitar! And they brought out the best music video of the decade - remember that pimped-out chrome flashing red oldtimer with yellow Z at the sides? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ae829mFAGGE

(yeah he was really FAGGED afterwards :))



Klassik I mixt@pe:

50 classical ballads from barock to romantic - spoken in musical epochs - you will recognice many famous melodies from great composers such as Mozart, Schubert, Beethoven, Bach, Brahms and many more

Reggae I mixt@pe:

I love the balladic rhythm of reggae music, it turns almost every song into a ballad - so shut down babylon for a few hours and dream of a better world...